Integration is the act of linking your online order or lead process with our affiliate software. This integration process is necessary in order to pass sales or lead information to our system. With this process in place, affiliates are assigned commission for their referrals and the admin and affiliate are able to review the information which resulted in the commission.

Integration is NOT necessary if you intend to reward 'per click' only.

Kinds of Integration:

Standard Ecommerce integration:

This is integration with a credit card processor or shopping cart that we've already determined is compatible with our software. A list of compatible solutions can be found at

Custom Integration:

This is integration with a credit card processor or shopping cart that's NOT on our compatibility list.

Recurring Billing Integration:

This integration causes our software to automatically log a commission when you automatically rebill a client's card. This allows you to reward affiliates commission on initial and subsequent sales, as long as the automatic rebill continues to happen. We currently support recurring billing integration with NetBilling, PayPal, CCBil, 2checkout and 1shoppingcart only.

Form integration:

This is integration with your form that allows you to receive the ID of the referring affiliate in your form results, so that commissions can be logged for referred subscriptions, leads, or if you're processing credit card transactions offline.

Membership Based Integration:

Integration which stores trial memberships in the software and does not assign a commission until the item rebills.

Generic Integration Instructions

Generally integration is performed by technician of TrackingSoft. Please contact us if you need to integrate your shopping cart or e-commerce solution. For generic instructions on how to integrate your site with ROIA software, please click here.

Testing integration

For integration testing guide see here.

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